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    Frequently Asked Questions

    DrivrzXchange is currently available in Arkansas and Texas. Additional areas coming soon.

    A DrivrzXchange consultant will be in touch with you to instruct you how to complete your purchase.

    You will be instructed to bring your vehicle to the nearest concierge location where the condition and title of the vehicle will be matched to your supplied description. Once the sale is finalized, DrivrzXchange will transfer the funds directly to your financial institution or provide you with a check for the value.

    There are no fees to SELL your vehicle on DrivrzXchange, it's FREE.
    A flat fee of $350 will be paid by the buyer regardless of amount the vehicle sells for.

    Don't worry! DrivrzXchange lets you list it as many times as you want. We also have a fixed “Buy it now” type listing!

    Our identity verification carried out by, one of the most trusted names in safe and secure identity verification.

    Your personal information is only used for the purposes of verifying your identity and we do not share or sell it to any other third parties.

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